Twitter has become an important and interesting part of a lot of lives, for better or for worse. Some folks have got it right when they speak about Twitter. Here are some of the best quotes about Twitterville: Anonymous: “140 characters ought to be enough for anybody to tell me[...]

The Best Quotes About Twitter

Goddess Mom

My husband and i were dressed and ready to go out for a lovely evening of dinner and theater. Having been burgled in the past, we turned on a ‘night light’ and the answering machine, then put the cat in the backyard. When our cab arrived, we walked out our[...]

Cab Ride

100 percent

People always tell you to give one hundred percent and I do. Let’s look at this chart: Give 100 percent at work! Thirty-three percent Monday, twenty-seven percent Tuesday, twenty-three percent Wednesday, twelve percent Thursday and five percent Friday equals 100 percent!

Give One Hundred Percent

We Heart Vintage

We Heart Vintage is one of the blogs we love! If you haven’t seen this lighthearted vintage blog, what are you waiting for? NobleWorks Cards periodically runs retro greeting card giveaways with We Heart Vintage, so check on our Facebook Page and stay up dated on our blog giveaways and[...]

We Heart Vintage