Like the men they are attached to, penises come in all shapes, sizes, colors and dispositions. Some Porridge Guns are too hot, while others are too cold; some are happy, grumpy, sleepy or bashful. In the world of Goldicocks and the Seven Dwarves of Dicks, here are the top 10[...]

10 Panic-Producing Penis Problems


In an attempt to understand the sociological and psychological origins of the “Selfie” phenomenon, we have here gathered together a collection of quotes from some of the foremost experts in Selfie analysis. We hope that the words of these peerless academics will shed light on the nature of this most-important[...]

Top 10 Funny Selfie Quotes


Bacon is amazing. Putting bacon on or in any other type of food makes it instantly better and, if we’re being honest, it’s a lot better for the soul than chicken soup (although not as great for your arteries). But did you know that there are other things that you[...]

10 Alternative Uses for Bacon