10 Alternative Uses for Bacon



Bacon is amazing. Putting bacon on or in any other type of food makes it instantly better and, if we’re being honest, it’s a lot better for the soul than chicken soup (although not as great for your arteries). But did you know that there are other things that you can do with bacon instead of just eating it? Here are just a few of the best alternative uses for bacon:

  1. Make a fashion statement with Bacon. Take a cue from Lady Gaga and make a bacon dress or suit.
  1. Use it as an all-in-one personal hygiene item.One little known fact is that bacon makes a great replacement hygiene product, working in place of perfume, cologne, deodorant, soap, shampoo, and water.
  1. Freshen your car with it.Hate the smell of your car? Hang a thick strip of bacon in place of a wind chime. You’ll probably still hate the smell, but at least it’ll be a nice conversation piece.
  1. Enhance your drinks with it.Strips of bacon are wonderful martini garnishes. We take ours bacon, not stirred.
  1. Call it Art. Just about anything can be called art these days, and bacon is far more beautiful than some of the other “masterpieces” that are out there now. Try putting bacon onto a blank canvas or making a statue out of it.
  1. Stay kissably fresh with bacon.Instead of a breath mint, chew a stick of bacon, and watch as the potential romantic partners line up.
  1. Keep vegetarians away with it. Not a fan of herbivores? Bacon makes a great vegetarian repellant.
  1. Give it as a gift. Give the grandkids bacon instead of money in their next batch of birthday cards. They won’t know what hit ’em!
  1. Decorate your home with it.Pork-themed furniture is in this season. Try out new bacon lampshades. While we’re at it, perhaps bacon curtains! Bacon windchimes! Where does the madness end? Only you can find out!
  2. Or just eat it. Instead of all of this, you can just cram it down your pie hole.

Image Source : Chris Gladis

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