10 Things Not To Put Sriracha Sauce On


Sriracha Sauce

Steaks, tacos, shrimp cocktails, pizza and bloody marys are all great food items that can be spiced up with a little sriracha sauce added and actually end up tasting better. However, while some may say that anything tastes better with sriracha on it, there are some foods that should never be anywhere near that product. Here are some food combinations that are best left undiscovered.

1. You should never take two pieces of bread, add peanut butter, grape jelly and sriracha sauce. Kids will never take their lunch to school after tasting that.

2. Have you ever gone to the county fair and had one of those deep-fried Snickers Bars? Try adding a little sriracha sauce next time. Isn’t that a disgusting thought?

3. You don’t ever want to make the mistake of adding sriracha sauce to your baby’s apricots or bananas, lest you want a very unhappy child.

4. What if you were to add in a little sriracha sauce to the icing for a cake? Do you think there would be takers?

5. If you want to shock the most avid chocolate lovers, a truffle filled with sriracha sauce is a great way to break their addiction to chocolate.

6. There is no better way to start off each morning than a nice cup of hot coffee with cream, two sugars and a splash of sriracha. What’s wrong with that recipe?

7. Want to sicken your waitress? Order the crème brûlée, and when the waitress brings it to the table, ask for the sriracha sauce, but don’t count on seeing it offered on the menu.

8. Have you ever wondered if Ben and Jerry ever considered their own version of Neapolitan ice cream with one layer of “Cherry Garcia,” one layer of “Chunky Monkey” and one layer of “Sriracha Hot Mama”? YUCK!

9. You just know that somewhere on the planet, some pregnant woman got a craving for pickles and sriracha sauce.

10. Have you ever wondered what a bowl of Cap’n Crunch and sriracha sauce would taste like? Stop wondering before it’s too late.

Image Source : Steven Depolo

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