8 Things to Avoid Doing on Your Friend’s Birthday


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The friendly birthday party is both a time for general cheer and goodwill, and a wonderful opportunity to show them how much you care. There are a few things that you should do on a friend’s birthday, like give them a call or buy them birthday cards online. Then there are things that you probably shouldn’t do. Here are a few things that you probably shouldn’t do on your friend’s birthday, along with some tips on how to not do them.

  1. For a classic gag that never gets old, bake a cake for the birthday boy or girl with salt in the place of sugar. For best results, use a generous helping of frosting, and watch their face as they bite in.
  2. For a more palatable variant, try making a meatloaf “cake” using mashed potatoes and possibly food coloring.
  3. Drive them out while talking up how exciting the location is without giving them any details. Then, subvert their expectations when you arrive at a retirement home.
  4. For the recipient just at the onset of middle-age, put together a classic gag gift basket. Hair formula, pill boxes, and adult diapers are a must.
  5. One slightly messy prank involves drilling holes in a number of shot glasses, and slipping them to your friend when he or she has already had a few drinks. See how long it takes them to notice!
  6. For an old, but easy and ever-enjoyable gag gift, try wrapping a small present in a series of increasingly large boxes, preferably weighed down to disguise the tiny gift.
  7. Confetti is always obnoxious, but becomes hilarious when sticky. Moisten your confetti prior to use, and enjoy as it harmlessly clings to your friend’s nice party clothes.
  8. One that works well for weekend birthdays: amuse and utterly infuriate your friends by making a birthday house call telling them that they’re going to miss work, and see how long it takes them to realize it’s the weekend.

One thing that you probably should do is look for some birthday cards online to complete the effect, and to give your friend a way to remember an unforgettable birthday.

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