The Elements of Funny Happy Birthday Cards


Funny Happy Birthday Cards

Holidays are holidays, but birthdays are much more personal because they uniquely belong to the people born on each particular day. Funny Happy Birthday cards are always a great way to help your relative, friend or loved one have a very special day. So, what are the elements necessary for a funny Happy Birthday card? Keeping in mind that not all people appreciate the same kind of humor, there are still some basic rules that can be followed.

1. Cute, Appropriate Art Design

It is easy to forget that the artwork on the card is actually part of the message. You want to make sure the art style on the card you are sending is appropriate for the person you are sending it to.

2. Start Off in Serious Mode

You want the punchline to be a bit of a surprise, so try to make sure the card sets a somewhat serious or pleasant tone prior to the final payoff.

3. Know Your Audience

Since funny birthday cards tend to attack some aspect of the aging process such as appearance, sexual dysfunction or physical limitations, it’s a good idea to know your audience so you don’t accidentally hurt their feelings. You don’t want to send a card about sexual dysfunction to a man who is having problems performing, or a card about graying to a woman who is sensitive about her appearance. Don’t pick what’s funny to you, pick what is going to be funny to them, and make sure it’s funny.

4. Special Touch

While you having them laughing and feeling good, add a special personalized message in the card that adds to the fun and sentiment. They’ll know someone else wrote the card, but the personalized part is all you.

Picking out a funny birthday card to buy and send is almost as much fun for the sender as it is for the recipient. You should take the time to find the right card for the occasion and send it with love.

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