You Know You’re Old When Technology Eludes You


You Know You're Old When Technology Eludes You

Let’s be honest, the fact that you clicked on this article is as good a sign as any. If you’re still unconvinced, the following great moments in tech elderliness are as good a sign as any that you’re behind the times. Face it, you know you’re old when…

… you wonder why no one pages you anymore.

… you were just getting used to floppy disks before they pulled the rug out from under you.

… when people ask you about your Facebook, you pull out a photo album.

… you have to call your kids over just to change the channel.

… you start sentences “I was on the Google the other day…”

… consequently, you touch every computer screen when you want to do something, regardless of whether it’s actually a touch screen or not.

… you still can’t figure out who “HD” is, and why his initials are on the front of everything nowadays.

… you like Yahoo, especially when it’s chilled and served in the bottle.

… you play solitaire with actual cards, at a table.

… Farmville sounds like your childhood, not a game.

… you remember tablets from grade school, but don’t understand why they’re making a comeback. It’s not like there’s a paper shortage.

… you were really disappointed when the Apple store didn’t sell fruit.

… you think tweeting is that awful new dance with the shaking butts that all the kids are doing nowadays.

… you go to the post office whenever you want to send an email.

… despite being very concerned about your internet security, all of your passwords are “password.”

… you assume that anyone with a Bluetooth headset is a spy.

… you don’t understand how texting works. The keys are for typing numbers!

… you feel jealous of all these people you know with hundreds of friends.

… you think you might get a MySpace, as you hear that’s pretty popular.

Image Source : Matthew G

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