In an attempt to understand the sociological and psychological origins of the “Selfie” phenomenon, we have here gathered together a collection of quotes from some of the foremost experts in Selfie analysis. We hope that the words of these peerless academics will shed light on the nature of this most-important[…]

Top 10 Funny Selfie Quotes


Bacon is amazing. Putting bacon on or in any other type of food makes it instantly better and, if we’re being honest, it’s a lot better for the soul than chicken soup (although not as great for your arteries). But did you know that there are other things that you[…]

10 Alternative Uses for Bacon


If you’re a kid, this is about the time of year that the bells start tolling. You hear the scrap and rattle of pencils, rulers, and the clicking of calculators (and, increasingly, the cell phone you’re hiding from your teacher). But parents, we’re here to help you celebrate your newfound[…]

Funny Back-To-School Quotes