How to Tell if You Should Buy a Serious or Funny Card


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We’ve all seen the guy with the wrong card before, even if you didn’t realize it. The stilted, awkward chuckle at a funny card chosen incorrectly, or worse, the terrible indignation of having an inappropriately sappy card in a room full of laughs… these are the hallmarks of a poorly chosen card. As a matter of the utmost seriousness, we have put together a quick guide to choosing the right card for any occasion. Don’t become a statistic–only you can prevent awkward holiday cards.

1. Consider the Occasion

Always consider how seriously an event is going to be treated by those there when buying a card. While obvious mistakes are pretty difficult to make–they don’t sell funny cards for funerals, after all–some families see holidays as very somber, religious occasions, whereas others treat them with more levity. Weddings, meanwhile, are usually a good time for snarky cards joking about the nature of marriage… but watch out if the bride or groom has been married before! You don’t want to hand them something hurtful by mistake.

2. Account for Age

The recipient’s age is another vital factor: elderly people, for example, are often difficult to buy funny cards for because generational gaps result in different senses of humor. Children, meanwhile, are fairly easy to buy cards for–just go as silly as possible, and they’re sure to enjoy it. Watch out for anything that might be too adult for kids, however… or more importantly, their parents.

3. Play it Safe

Sometimes, you just aren’t sure of what’s right in a particular situation. Fortunately, there are a couple of safe picks you can default to: pun-based cards are expected to be terrible and vaguely inappropriate in any social situation, and so make a great panic pick that’s quickly groaned over and forgotten. Cards with pop-out art, pouches for money, and other features are also a good pick, as they at least give the impression of having spent time and thought choosing the card.

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