Top 10 Funniest Pregnancy Cards


Want to congratulate someone for getting knocked up? Any of these hilarious greeting cards are perfect for sending celebratory wishes for being pregnant.


  1. What most singles or those with five kids are thinking. (From Benchpressed)

Benchpressed Oh_shit-1

  1. Being pregnant is a great way to meet new people. (Calypso Cards)

Calypso Cards Naughty Betty

  1. Who needs a boob job when you can just get pregnant? (From Creativitycards)


  1. Pregnancy: the best excuse for gaining weight. (From Greencard)


  1. The next match-up after (McBittersons)!prettyPhoto

McBittersons 147

  1. Fairy tales do come true! (NobleWorks)

NobleWorks 4735

  1. For those full of crap … and more. (Offensive+Defensive)

O+D 122

  1. Let’s make it a date in nine months. (Old Tom Foolery)

Old Tom Foolery CC-31_1000

  1. It’s okay to lie a little to pregnant women. (Ten Four Paper)

Ten Four Paper

  1. Cheers to being pregnant! (From Thunderpeep)


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