Top 10 Funny Selfie Quotes



In an attempt to understand the sociological and psychological origins of the “Selfie” phenomenon, we have here gathered together a collection of quotes from some of the foremost experts in Selfie analysis. We hope that the words of these peerless academics will shed light on the nature of this most-important issue.

1. “This year I’m not doing anything for Halloween. I’ll just wake up, take a selfie, as I’m told the kids say, and tell people I dressed up.” — Ellen DeGeneres

2. “A selfie a day keeps the friends away.” — Anonymous

3. “I know I sound like an old man, but don’t you guys think this whole selfie thing has gone far enough? Yesterday I asked my daughter why she was all dressed up, and she was like ‘I’m taking a selfie, Dad.'” — Jim Gaffigan

4. “This year, I’m putting a selfie on top of my Christmas tree.”

[Waits several seconds]

“Because I’m the star.” –Tina Fey

5. “The University of Michigan recently put out a study saying that selfies were implicated in 1/5 of divorce filings last year. How does that even work? ‘Oh yeah, I just realized this guy I’ve been married to–so not cute. I’m changing our relationship status to It’s Complicated.'” — Jon Stewart

6. “Photographers are just people who take really professional selfies. Only like, of buildings and stuff.” — Anonymous

7. “Last night I saw #Funeralselfies on Twitter. I’m thinking about quitting the internet, possibly forever.” — Hugh Laurie

8. “I may be ugly, but at least I don’t have a picture of my own face as my phone background.” — Anonymous

9. “When do you think kids will start hearing stories like ‘Well, your father and I met when he liked my one really ugly selfie on Instagram…’” — Anonymous

10. “I may be ugly and annoying but at least I don’t have a selfie of me as my phone’s background”–Anonymous

Image Source : Andrew Fysh

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