Top 10 Inappropriate Things to Write in a Birthday Card


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We’ve all been there: you or your child opens a birthday card, and instead of being sweet or funny its message is just painfully awkward. Of course, the best response to such a card is always to send one of your own, preferably worse. Here’s a compilation of the best worst birthday cards we’ve ever seen, in which we hope you find amusement… and inspiration.

Here are some awkward birthday cards perfect for kids, especially someone else’s:

  1. “Welcome to puberty! Don’t screw it up.”
  2. “I see you’re getting to that age. Remember, your employer can always find your Facebook.”
  3. “Congratulations on reaching 40! Don’t forget to get checked for prostate cancer!”
  4. “Happy Birthday. I’m sure you’ll find a man/woman eventually.”
  5. “You’re only as old as you feel. That must be pretty terrible!”
  6. “I hear you can finally draw Social Security. Congratulations!”
  7. “Here’s to a few more good years.”
  8. “The bartender says you’ve had a few too many years…” (because nothing rubs salt in the wound like bad puns).
  9. “Don’t ever lie about your age – you look older than you are and nobody will be fooled.”
  10. “Due to the current state of our business and laziness of my staff, I can’t afford to give any of you actual birthday gifts anymore.”
  11. “Happy Birthday! How close to death are you?”
  12. “Happy Anniversary!” –this is a good one for your significant other.

We’re not liable for damages to your family, friends, or personal health should you choose to actually use any of these frankly terrible birthday card greetings. Of course, for showing that you either have a good sense of humor or don’t care at all about the person you’re giving it to, nothing beats the completely blank birthday card.

Image by : WayTru

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